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disneygraphics's Journal

Disney Graphics
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Disney Graphics. Here you can post:

  • Layouts
  • Wallpapers
  • LJ Headers
  • Mood Themes
  • Buttons

    Do not post Disney icons here. Please go to disneyicons or disney_icons for that.

    If you have a request, please go to disney_requests.

    Another related community is disneydesigns.


    1.)Do not advertise communities here.
    2.)Do not post un-related material. Disney Graphics only.
    3.)No adult material.
    4.)Do not steal other people's material.
    5.)Please use LJ-cut for numerous or large posts.

    Any questions or concerns, please contact the moderator destinysdiamond.
  • 101 dalmations, a bug's life, abu, aladdin, alice in wonderland, ansem, ariel, atlantis the lost empire, aurora, baby herman, bagheera, baloo, bambi, bashful, beauty and the beast, belle, bernard, brother bear, captain amelia, captain hook, chernabog, cheshire cat, chip and dale, cinderella, clayton, clopin, cruella de vil, daisy duck, dewey, disney, disney movies, doc, dodger, donald duck, dopey, dr. delbert dobbler, duck tales, dumbo, eddie valiant, eeyore, einstein, emperor kuzco, esmeralda, fantasia, finding nemo, flit, flounder, francis, gargoyles, genie, goofy, grumpy, gurgi, hades, happy, hercules, huey, iago, jack skellington, jafar, jane, jasmine, jessica rabbit, jim hawkins, jiminy cricket, john silver, john smith, kairi, kala, kanga, kerchak, kida, king louie, king triton, kingdom hearts, kronk, lady and the tramp, lilo and stitch, lion king, louie, magic carpet, maleficent, mary poppins, meeko, meg, merlin, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, miss bianca, monsters inc., monstro, morph, mowgli, mr. smee, mulan, mushu, oliver and company, oogie boogie, owl, pacha, pegasus, perdita, peter pan, philoctetes, phoebus, piglet, pinocchio, pluto, pocahontas, pongo, quasimodo, queen of hearts, rabbit, riku, rita, robin hood, roo, sabor, sebastion the crab, shere khan, simba, sleeping beauty, sleepy, sneezy, sora, taran, tarzan, terk, the aristocats, the black cauldron, the crocodile, the emperors new groove, the fairy godmother, the horned king, the jungle book, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the rescuers, the rescuers down under, tigger, tinker bell, tito, toy story, treasure planet, ursula, wendy, white rabbit, who framed roger rabbit, winnie the pooh, yzma